Curriculum Vitae


Open Access Digital Repository:

Constellation - I designed and branded the interface for a digital repository to be adopted by LIBRAS consortium libraries, using DSPACE and Photoshop software. This five month project involved analysis of repository layouts by libraries at institutions such as MIT, Cambridge, and SUNY. DSPACE's WYSIWYG editing interface allowed me to alter the initial layout, and I made additional adjustments and alterations by editing the .xhtml source code. I chose the name "Constellation" as a play on the Libras consortium name, thinking of the constellation Libra. Using a public-domain outline image of the state of Illinois, and with some Photoshop editing, I drew the Libra constellation within the state borders to create the logo for the repository.

After presenting the repository to librarians and faculty at Elmhurst College's Faculty Development Day in June 2010, Dominican University adopted Constellation and unveiled it to the public. My work helped LIBRAS libraries to get ahead of the trend in Open Access, as it gave them an innovative means of scholarly communication. As of May 2019, Constellation holds 1102 documents from 11 different communities. Constellation's value and presence continue to increase with age.


16 Week Information Literacy Course:

LIS 101: Information Literacy – I collaborated with librarians from the various City Colleges of Chicago toward the construction of a 16 week information literacy course. Meeting bi-weekly, I recorded and distributed the meeting minutes to all Information Literacy Task Force members, helping to keep on task and forward progress. I shared my one-shot information literacy course student learning outcomes rubric, as well as the 16 week information literacy course curricula taught at institutions such as the University of Maryland and University of North Carolina. I discussed what should be included and expanded upon over the course of 16 weeks for our students at City Colleges of Chicago, many of whom were first generation college students looking to transfer into 4 year colleges and universities.

In Fall 2013, City Colleges of Chicago approved the Information Literacy Task Force's LIS 101 course for the 2014 spring semester. Additionally, several local 4 year colleges and universities signed agreements to accept LIS 101 completion credits as core transfer credits for student transfers from City Colleges of Chicago.


Subject Resource Guides:

Computer Science - Created in 2018 for my website, using the Drupal content management system.

Dental Hygiene - First created in 2013 at City Colleges of Chicago, using SpringShare Libguides.

ESLKorea - Originally a graduate school project. For aspiring and current ESL/EFL teachers in South Korea.